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Small Business Coaching/Services

  • Serving BC, Alberta and Sask.

  • Focus on small business

  • Verifiable results

  • Money back guarantee

  • 15 years experience

  • 98.6% Client Satisfaction

  • Long term clients

  • Serves wide variety of vertical markets

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People trainer

  • Certified in Digital Marketing


Dennis Tubbs

Business Coaching


Sheri Tubbs

Business Services

JBK Creative Solutions - Mission

Our mission is to work with small business owners who are proactive, open to change and have a genuine desire to improve their business results. Our coaching process is as follows...

  1. Analyze all aspects of the current situation

  2. Determine the specific objectives of the small business owner

  3. Adopt a tailored approach based on the clients unique situation

  4. Utilize the skills, training and experience acquired over an award winning business career

  5. Share best practices learned working with excellent clients over the past 13 years as a Business Coach

  6. Offer a fresh perspective on results oriented business practices and processes

  7. Prove a return on investment for coaching fees and offer a money back guarantee of verifiable results 

A few of our Clients (Past and Present)

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